Clint Mansell ♫ Stay With Me

“Let the ash bear witness”

It never bothered me that you smoke.
I just hated that you were slowly suffocating yourself.

It could be our fear-filled bond,
You breathe it out,
I breathe it in.
Hints of tainted innocence.

This smoke.
Let it hang like a cobweb,
Let it spread like a blanket over us,
Let it rain with out tears,
Let it intertwine with our secrets.
Let it smother you with our dreams. 


Don Caballero ♫ Railroad Cancellation

When I whisper,
feel the calm before the storm.
When I close my eyes,
feel the waves surging against my eyelids.

There is so much to say that I am
by emotion.

Swept into silence.
It is all in what I don’t say.
Just for tonight,
don’t assign meanings.

Let the silence speak for itself.


The Fray ♫ Unsaid

so the saying goes,
let sleeping babies lie.

or is it let sleeping babies lie?

so if men are to be emotional infants for-ever-long,
shouldn't it be,
let sleeping boys lie?

or is it, to let sleeping boys lie?