Gustavo Santaolalla ♫ Iguazu

As the sun began to sink on the skyline,
we drove ourselves to the shore and
dug our feet into cold sand.

The warm winds kissed
our faces and reminded us
the lips long forgotten.
We may never have spoken
to each other this way before,
we may never speak this way again.
Spoke to each other in silence.

Spoke in song of these waves
rising and rolling.
This sea feels alive.
A creature,
in the inky darkness.
Inhaling and exhaling as
tide rises and falls.

The breath of this cold night down my back,
I hold still and do not shiver
so as not to ruin the poetry of this moment.
In the shades of the setting sun,
playing games and hiding
behind statues and trees.

We hid ourselves so
we could find each other.
In the shades of sunset & night,
In the shades of trees and statues,
we found each other.
we found peace.
if only for the moment.
And we spoke in silence.