Adele ♫ Hometown Glory

dont want to sleep in order to dream.
so let me dream with my eyes wide
dont want to dream for fear i will wake when i finally find you.
and the only witness would be my mind's eye.

oh, all the dreams i have dreamed
just to catch a glimpse of you.
but be warned of my eyes,
beware of what you might fall in to;
sea, what i see.
look out through my eyes,
see what i see.

let my eyes be your mirrors,
my gaze your beholder.
look in,
see your soft, loving face.
let my eyes be your crystal ball.
change your fortune, change your fate.

let our eyes be mirrors.
i see myself in thee.
you see yourself in me.
see all the things we could be.


  1. you have much to say. stop containing yourself, love.

  2. they will see all that is within you, for you are too intriguing to pass by without at least a few daydreams..