Lydia ♫ This is Twice Now

& we pretend that war is natural. To believe that it's okay, yet it drives men insane. The roles we play in each other's lives all of a sudden erased. Can you tell me what the reporters actually know? They can see but they cannot know, nor can I, know the mind of the soldier that accepts death or the one that defies it.

An ant. I feel sick killing an ant. But that's all these soldiers are to you. On land, on ships, ants are all they seem from your altitude. Just remember, even that high up, you are not God. Didn't you feel anything? Didn't you feel America beneath the vibrations of your guns? Didn't you recognize the lives you were taking, these soldiers who do and don't decide their fates. 

Thou shalt not kill. & "If you take one life you have taken the life of all mankind." Is it all a joke God played on us? Or did we forget, we do know how to love, fear, cry. But all we do is fight. 

Are we all soldiers?
Dying together sounds so much nicer
than dying alone.
Is that why we do it;
sacrifice ourselves so we won't be lonesome?
Natural human instinct,
"I'll do it, if you do it."

I'll die if you die with me.
Come out, come forth,
onto a battlefield that makes no sense
and maybe I won't be paralyzed
by fear
if you're there.

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  1. Verily, violent are our was and warriors we are from the inside. So fewer things exist howsoever more ignoble than not facing our wars.